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Feb 24, 2011 - New Song released.  This song is not part of the album Groovin' in the Hippocampus and is available only as a download.
Fight The Invader (The Immunity Song)
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Groovin' in the HippocampusGroovin' in the Hippocampus is an enhanced CD with 14 songs and bonus content including illustrated lyric sheets and study tips (If you have purchased the CD or the downloads, click here for an update).

This CD is designed for students of human anatomy and physiology to help them learn and memorize key information in a fun and lasting way.  

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"Groovin' in the Hippocampus is amazing," says Brenda Wiens, PhD, professor of biology.  "The Bromfields have put complicated physiological concepts and pathways to music with accurate and often humorous lyrics."

"These songs are full of detail, color and are seasoned with a pedagogical tone so the listener hears the rhythmicity of the human body allowing for an easier understanding of such a wonderful, complex subject." - Beth Pippen, MSN, NP, professor of nursing.

"The song Menses, Menses really saved me on a test." - Holly Spindle, nursing student

"The CD gives you handy songs that you can sing in the shower, but that make a complex subject understandable." - Carolyn K. Riggleman, nursing student

"A wonderfully spirited teaching tool." - David Modestino, nursing student

"Patterns of learning involve many different patterns including the senses. Singing is a great way to help students in the study of A & P." - Ann Simpson, MS, professor of A & P

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